Email Notification Not working with Gmail Settings

Hello All,

My email notification is not working using Gmail settings. I see that there is connection error that is happening while I try to connect to Gmail. Below are the settings I configured on the Notification Screen and then I also attached screen shot of the errors in that apprear in the console. It has connection error. Please suggest me solution to make this working.

I can’t see any of the pics. Sorry.

Okay. I’m sorry about that. I am attaching the images again. Please let me know if you can see them. Thanks.

Notification configuration page. Thanks.

Sorry, man. Still not seeing them. They should pop up right here on the page. Am I the only one not seeing them?

I don’t see them either.

Whew. Thought it was me. :laughing:

@kattikartik7, Maybe a different format of picture, like png, would help.

dont see them either

do yall see my picture?

Yours is fine, little big… Hehe

I’m also sorry you’re using a Micrologix… heh.

Got a love/hate relationship with them. Mostly hate. :laughing:

thats what she said :smiley:

[quote=“JordanCClark”]I’m also sorry you’re using a Micrologix… heh.

Got a love/hate relationship with them. Mostly hate. :laughing:[/quote]

They arent that bad. Id prefer compact or contrologix, but id take a micrologix over a GE, AD, or siemens any day!

for the OP:

mail server =

port 465

use authentication = yes

username = your username without @gmail on the end

use ssl/tls = yes

That should do it.

Guys, I’m absolutely sorry for this. I don’t know why this was not accepting the format I uploaded. Anyways, I uploaded the new format( .png) format. Please let me know if you see the pictures. And, yes I did use the same settings as you have stated, but there was not response. Thanks.

Also, I checked with other browsers and I was able to see the pictures. If you don’t mind, can you also try opening it in different browsers. Thanks.

I tried Chrome and Safari – can’t see the uploads. :cry:

Hoorah! We can see them now! (The pngs)

Actually, I can see the OP’s but not diats150’s. Ah well, back to action.

Very odd – I can see them when I’m logged out, but not when I’m logged in. :scratch:

I’ll alert our forum guru.