Embedded view doesn't render on view startup


In views with many embedded view objects(more than 80), when opening the view some of the embedded view randomly doesn’t render at all. Even refreshing the page doesn’t fix this and only randomly some other embedded views doesn’t render each time.
I can see this bug in every devices even powerful ones and even in designer.
It seems there is timeout involve and when the client doesn’t get embedded view data, ignition ignore them.
I test it on 8.0.12 and 8.0.13.

I find out the objects in the root container which take place in the end of list doesn’t loaded.
For example when I put MOVs in the beginning of the object list they always load correctly and other object that place in the end of list will not loaded.

Even dock view with embedded view in it doesn’t load in heavy views. For example in below video, the dock view has table with column render mode to view, as the result the rows doesn’t load up and i have to change page to for ce them to load.
It seems there is some limitation on how many embedded view can be loaded at a page.

Try setting the view.props.loading.mode property to blocking for each of the embedded views. The documentation says that non-blocking should be better for higher view quantities, but I’m curious if each view is blocking to itself if they will render faster individually.

I test it before but doesn’t work at all. The non blocking and blocking doesn’t work from 8.0.12.

Try @kgamble’s suggestion again. It looks to me like those views are set to non-blocking. The already loaded views are updating frequently enough that they are blocking the main thread and preventing the other views from loading. This isn’t new, and we are aware of the issue and are actively working on it.

Hi @ynejati
Thanks for replying. I double check that all of my embedded view set to blocking mode but I still have this bug.
Until the bug is fixed is there any tweak to make situation better? Like putting some code in view startup or lower uploading frequency of views.
Any chances to fix it in 8.0.15?

I find out embedded view with nested flex container make thing worse. For example if I use embedded view without flex container I can increase the number of embedded view with out seeing this bug.

@ynejati could you please take a look that my embedded view. This one specially make situation wprse for me.
TOTAL_2020-06-26_1504.zip (3.8 KB)

We have an idea on how to prevent this from happening that we plan to introduce within the next couple of weeks. It’s more of an intermediate solution, but it should fix the issue of views not loading.

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Sure, I’ll try to get to it today and get back to you.

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Sounds Create. Does it works on 8.0.12?

Hi @ynejati
Could you please update me on this weather or not your solution will work in 8.0.12 or not.

Hi @ynejati
Any update on this?
I’m under a lot of pressure for this bug.

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I still have problem and this fix doesn’t do any thing.

16789: Views: add timeout option as safety for non-blocking views
Views with loading mode set to non-blocking will only wait patiently for five seconds if they have not been called. Prevents views from never loading because the thread is heavily occupied.

Would you mind sending me a chrome performance profile recording with screen captures enabled. Thanks.

Unfortunately it show itself in mobile devices and I don’t know how to record it in mobile devices.

By the way, will it be any performance improvement for loading embedded view? If I put the same components directly in view instead of using embedded view the view load extremely fast. At least 10x times faster. So I believe the embedded view itself has performance issue not the number of component in a view.

Yes, that is the primary target. It’s quite complicated, but we are working on it.

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Hi @nader.chinichian,

i would like to now how you've done you pump object and animation on it?

would it be possible to have a exemple of it ?