ENGEL Molding Machines

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Has Ignition supports ENGEL molding machines?

Is there any driver available for ENGEL Machines?

I ran through one of their machine manuals and did not see anything about integration or a protocol that there is an ignition driver for. These are the ignition drivers. You may want to get in touch with ENGEL to see if they have a way to integrate with 3rd party, and what protocols they may have available.

You may be in in luck looks like kepware can integrate with ENGEL with the EUROMAP 63 protocol.


Our ENGEL machines are connected via Allen Bradley which is included in the basic Ignition license now.

i am a bit confused, are you trying to communicate with the ENGEL machine directly or an Allen Bradly device that is communicating with the ENGEL machine?

We haven’t got PLC on our ENGEL machines but if that’s the stretch I can get the PLC connected to the them. I have tried to get some data out from our ENEGEL machine with Kepware and Euromap 63 but I was unsuccessful. The funny thing is Kepware is not asking for an IP address of the machine. We v got 10 machines in out plant and my questions is how Euromap can decide which machine to connect to with no IP indication? :slight_smile:
How did you connect the ENGEL to your Allen Bradley PLC mate? Is that through Kepware and Euromap 63? Do you have a specific gear installed on your ENGEL to communicate with Kepware?

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I am trying to talk to ENGEL directly and get data out and see them on Ignition.

I did some additional reading, apparently EUROMAP 63 is text file based and was developed in 2000. There is a section in the kepware setup where you have to specify a file location which i assume is for the text files. EUROMAP 77 came out in 2018, and is OPC UA based. If your machines support EUROMAP 77 I think you would just make an OPC UA connection, but i have no experience in this area.

Thanks Jason, I am talking to ENGEL to figure out if the machine is capable of connecting to any OPC UA or which driver supports. I will share my experience here as soon as I figure out how to connect to the machine’s.

Cheers in advance

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Which controller do your Engels use?

If CC300, then you can purchase a license from Engel that will expose an OPC-UA interface (Euromap 77/83).

If CC100, then we’ve had luck using the “host interface” on the Engel controller. We wrote a Java app that queries the CC100 and publishes data via Sparkplug/MQTT.