Error connection SQL Server database after upgrade Ignition

I upgraded Ignition 8.1.5 to Ignition 8.1.12.
After upgrade, I have error of connection to database SQL SERVER 2014.
Before upgrade, database connection are ok.
See photo for error.

Why ???

It probably has to do with TLS 1.2 support in SQL Server and the Java version changing when you upgraded to one that drops TLS 1.0/1.1.

Patching/upgrading SQL Server, re-enabling the deprecated TLS versions in Java, or rolling back to an earlier version are the only options I’m aware of.

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Hi had the same issue after upgrading to 8.1.11, java updated to build 1.8 but the MSSQL driver 4.0 is not supporting that java version, after updating the driver to jdbc.9.4 everything worked perfectly.