Error with internal database auto-backup

Looking through logs recently I noticed I’ve had an error around the time the internal database tries to back up. It looks like its happened 4 times in the last 2 days. Has anyone seen this before?

We ran into this last week! First, you can turn off your internal database auto-backup to see if that helps:

Do you have normal backups turned on?

Also, how large is your config.idb file?

We had auto-backup turned off already but were still getting the internalJson and SingleConnectionDatasource errors frequently. Our error was that the config.idb file was far too large (it was 1.5 GB). We ended up having to export our projects and re-import them on top of themselves to clear out unnecessary stuff from the internal database and the size dropped to ~200 MB and haven’t had any issues since.


If the internal DB backup takes longer than 30 seconds, anything else that is trying to use the internal DB at that point will choke. If you can’t squish your backup any smaller, consider moving to beefier hardware, especially with solid state storage.

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I’ll have to talk to my customer to give that a try but I don’t think our config.idb is to out of line. Its sitting at 436MB right now. The part that seems real odd to me is it didn’t start giving that error until days after the last change was made to the system. Looking at the logs, it started throwing it Monday but the last change would of been Wednesday or Thursday.

@pturmel I’ll have to look into what their using for storage, I haven’t had any issues in the past with it so I haven’t asked the questions but may need to now.

Well, your log shows the backup taking 35 seconds. Something needs to be done to bring that down.