Establishing SSH Connection from Ignition and executing commands & Python

Hey All,
This is the Exact task i need to do with, Though i have tried this with python using the library paramiko,
i was unable to find the way for doing can anyone guide me.


To run python externally, you need no libraries locally. You need them wherever python will run.

In Ignition, I would use java’s normal classes (starting with ProcessBuilder) to spawn your platform’s ssh executable with suitable parameters (to connect to the remote system and launch your script), with a stream attached to the process’ stdout. Parse/decode that stream to get your result.

Use SSH keys to avoid any prompts while connecting. I recommend arranging for the selected key to only allow running the target script. (A limitation applied to the corresponding line of authorized_keys in the remote system.)

hi @pturmel can you give me any links for example.

I have no sample I can share, sorry. Look at the man-page for ssh and StackOverflow for ProcessBuilder.

ProcessBuilder sample:

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Thanks @PGriffith,
That worked Fine for me