External OPC client cannot write to Ignition OPC memory Date tag

I am using an OPCUA client (Unified Automation UaExpert) to try to write to an ignition memory tag of type “DateTime”. When I try to write to the tag via the client it fails with “bad” (0x80000000) I believe).
The value updates in the OPCUA client when I change the tag value in the Ignition designer tag tree.

The nodeID:

The tag is defined within a data type in ignition as a memory tag with type “Date”.

Any ideas ? I am trying to debug a C# client I am writing which has the exact same behavior.

I can read an write Float and string memory tag values in the same UDT with the external OPC client with no problem.

What version of Ignition are you using?


This is likely a bug in the Exposed Tags functionality in 7.9.

I’ll open a ticket to reproduce and fix this in a future 7.9 release.

Exposed Tags was completely rebuilt for 8.0 and it should already work there.

Are you sure this working in version 8? I am running version 8.1.0 and it looks like I have similar problem. I try to write from a external OPC-client and can’t write to a tag of the DateTime type. This client can write to other tags of a different datatype. The setting for the tags appear the same in Ignition (except of course for the datatype). I also tried to write to this tag using UAExpert as a test and can’t write to the tag from there either. It says: BadNotWritable
I am also unable to write to this tag from the Ignition OPC quick client.

Any suggestions?

Hmm, this isn’t fixed in 8.x, I’ll open a ticket for it now.

I’m not sure why in July 2020 I thought it worked.

Thank you very much for the quick response. Any idea how long the fix would take to become available and how I find out? Will you respond here?

Yeah we can respond here. I think we can fix it and put it into a nightly release this week, but it wouldn’t be available in a real release until 8.1.3 or 8.1.4.

This is fixed and will be available in the next nightly release and ultimately released in 8.1.3.

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Thank you! That is awesome!

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we are on 8.1.19 and you guys are on 8.1.31, I'm still getting the issue, I'm about ready to hack library i'm using to just ignore that error code, any word on this making it in?

I think you're probably running into something that was fixed in 8.1.20:

Fixed a bug in QualityCode-to-StatusCode mapping that resulted in a successful write to Nodes in the Exposed Tags namespace returning a bad StatusCode.

Yeah, I just hacked freeopcua to ignore that error to make it work for now. I'll look at updating the server when I get a chance and then take the hack out. tyvm