[feature-13751]Perspective Auto Logout

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to auto-logout users in perspective based on inactivity?

Does system.util.getInactivitySeconds work in perspective? I’m struggling to get it to work and I’m wondering if this functionality isn’t there in perspective.

No, that function doesn’t work in Perspective - we’ll have to add some kind of analogue for it.

Any idea if that is in the works?

I filed an internal ticket, but it hasn’t been triaged for priority yet - no estimates.

Do you know if this has a priority now / is this likely to be implemented?

Medium priority, but hasn’t actually been assigned out to any developers. We’re definitely going to implement something, I just won’t make any guarantee of a timetable.

I would like to reinforce the need for this feature.

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Adding my vote for this feature (getInactivitySeconds) for Perspective.

Any update on this topic? is there any workaround available. Thanks.

No workaround, unless you want to implement a custom module; there’s no way in Ignition to run arbitrary code on the browser frontend, which is what you would need to get this.

The feature is currently held up because an inactivity timeout is somewhat at odds with the way identity providers do SSO (single-sign on). For example, if you’re authenticated with Google, and Ignition tries to invalidate your login…Google will just immediately bounce you back, because you’re still signed in. So it might be possible to make something that works with Ignition’s IdP, but that still leaves the feature in a frustrating or misleading state - if you don’t know the ins and outs of identity providers, or you’re using a corporate mandated one, or whatever other complication, then it would just look like the feature isn’t working.

Noted with thanks.
Sorry I may be deviating from this topic, is there any alternate for system.security.validateUser possible in perspective? one of my project requires plant operators to approve gatepass from one common system and I would require them to key in their password on every approval.
I would like to move this project to perspective, Is there any workaround for this?