[Feature-13927] Perspective - Table filter by column

Also, to save you all some time, here are the available enum filter conditions:


    "ends with",
    "starts with"


    "greater than",
    "greater than or equal to",
    "less than",
    "less than or equal to",


    "date equals",
    "date time equals",
    "before date",
    "before date time",
    "before or equal to date",
    "before or equal to date time",
    "after date",
    "after date time",
    "after or equal to date",
    "after or equal to date time",
    "between dates",
    "between date times"



When using column filter, how do I capture the filtered data?
I did a test and after performing the filter on the column, I see that the table is filtered correctly, but when I try to capture the filtered data in "...props.filter.results.data" it returns an empty list .

Any update on the filtered data? Column filters work awesome just wondering how to deal with results.


Access to the filtered dataset and a function to clear all active filters would be super.


@ynejati is there a reason that the negative cases weren't included? Aka Number "not equals", Text "does not contain"? Or am I missing a way to implement that with the existing options?

Not specifically, no. Time constraints, I suppose. Blame the date filters, timezones, and DST :).

Besides, we always prefer to get you guys something sooner, even if it doesn't cover all cases. We have a ticket to add a bunch more. Feel free to list whatever you need here and we can add it to the ticket. The more people that like your list, the farther we can move it up the priority queue.

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Thanks a lot for last released perspective Table improvements (null render and columns filter).
A great feature addition will be a way to select all lines or all displayed lines of a table
(with a script function or with a checkbox like we can do in Alarm Staus/Journal Table)

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@ynejati yeah, Date/Time stuff is always such a burden. As far as I can think of for a list:


  • "Does not equal" (bonus points if this can take a list object similar to SQL's "not in ()")
  • ^ modification to "Equal" so it can also take a list
  • "Outside" or "Not between" (opposite of "between")


  • Does not contain
  • Does not equal

@ynejati Thanks for this features this is very helpful but I don't find a way to reset the filter, is it possible?
For future improvement here are few things that could be useful :

    1. Having the possibility to propose custom enum filters (for example if my column can take two values "A" and "B", I would like to be able to propose a list of those two items with checkboxes).
    1. Provide a way to customize the language (for the condition list and the "Apply" button)
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Sound like good ideas. I don't see why not. We'll add them to the list. Thanks.

What about the reset of the filter? Is there a way to do it in the current version?

Do what exactly? Translate the text? I do see that we aren't translating the apply button text and the remove filter text. Apologies for that. The good news is that the conditions list and the inputs appear to be accepting translation.

I mean how do you unapply the filter, i don't see how you do it.

There should be a "Remove Filter" option within the filter popover.
Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 8.23.21 AM

I also have the same issue, not having a remove version. Running 8.1.25 (b2023021409)

Its invisible/white. It was a perspective session props theme override. Will need to dig more on what specific class controls the color of the filter remove text.


Is this column filter feature available in Ignition Platform 8.1.17, perspective module 2.1.17 ?

No. It was introduced in 8.1.22.

Any updates available regarding this post? The column filters are fantastic but our clients are requesting access to the filtered data. Similar to the props.filter.results.data property.

It looks like this can be achieved by analyzing props.columns[x].filter.

Similar to previous requests - it would be amazing to have accessed to the filtered data similar to props.filter.results.data!

I agree, it would be extremely useful to have access to the column filtered data