[Feature-13927] Perspective - Table filter by column

Our customer asked if we could filter a table by each column since we were able to do that previously in Ignition with power tables. Currently I believe it’s only possible to filter over all of the data, right? Is there any way to do it individually? If so, please let me know. If not, I’d like to leave this as a feature suggestion.



Correct, currently the table filter will filter all of the table data. We have had plans to add filtering for individual columns since day one, but haven’t got around to implementing it yet. Thanks for the reminder.



Has there been any update on filtering by column data yet?


Hi, any updates on multiple filter option?

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Hi, any update?

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This has been a huge gap in perspective.
Having to build a ton of custom filters that were built in before.


is this implemented now?

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Has individual column filtering been implemented in Perspective yet??


Is there any word on when we can expect this to be implemented? Its something I would use in every view of every project I’ve worked on in Perspective. Where I work, we have been asking for this feature for 2 years and so far haven’t heard back from anyone on an approximate timeline.

Is it technically difficult to achieve? A hotfix would be to allow multiple values in the filter textbox and search the dataset OR wise ie any row containing any of the strings listed in the text field.

Its pretty disappointing to see IA not addressing this very, very common issue developers have… Oh well.


Is there any update on that feature request?

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