[Feature-13927] Perspective - Table filter by column

This should be fixed in v8.1.25, but I haven't tested this myself.

Would it be possible to add some condition like:

  • not equals
  • not contains


I'm sure it's possible but I'd want to be able to eliminate some of the options to keep the component usable.

I have not been able to translate any of the labels in filter except for "insert text".

The issue of translations is still present also in tables and has never been fixed.

it would be a great step to make it possible to translate all labels of the SCADA for customers whose native language is not english.

This is an issue we are tracking in tandem with a related issue: [BUG-2389] Filter table... translating

Hello, did you manage to find what property was overriding the "Remove filter" text appearance? I've been banging my head against this for a while now and it would be very helpful to know. Thanks!

You would be best served by using your browser to inspect the "invisible" link. Doing so will show you what color is applied and from which rule/resource it originates. In a browser, right-click where the link should be, then select Inspect. locate the anchor (<a>) in the Elements tab. There should be a Styles panel/tab within the Elements tab which will provide information about the anchor in question.


Thank you very much! I managed to change the color using your advice. Also, very good tip for the future :slight_smile:

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