[Feature-2684]Scripting - Tag group - Create / Delete


I don’t find any exemple to manage, create, delete tag group with scripting.

Is there a way to do that ?

Hi @luc.martin, I don’t think it is possible, but I’ve never looked into it too deeply so :man_shrugging:

Just out of interest why would you need to manage tag groups in this way? Could be worth a feature request.

There is a series of commands to do that.
has commands to create (add in 7.9.x/configure in 8.x), edit, delete, organize, retrieve.
Everything I’ve ever needed is already there.

I use scripting to manage, create and delete my UDTs, so I want to validate if tag group exist and configured correctly when I plublish an update.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything for manipulating tag groups there. Those set of functions only seem to encompass tag manipulation (as far as I can see).

That makes sense and it could be quite useful. If you don’t get an answer definitely look into making a feature request.

I was about to say to put it in the ideas portal. :slight_smile:

I thought there was already one there, but I don’t see it.

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You’re not missing anything, but yes, this should definitely be possible.


On a related note, do any of you know if there currently is a way to retrieve a list of existing tag groups via scripting?