[FEATURE-9607] Ignition Edge Alarm journal and audit log sync

With Igntion Edge (7.9.4-beta1), Enterprise Services - Tag History Sync enable to sync tag history to a central Ignition gateway by providing a remote history provider.
But for Alarm Journal data and Audit log, can we sync them (thru the GAN) with a central ignition gateway ???
I don’t find how to achieve it.
Is it feature for next Edge and Ignition release ?

Good catch. I’ve made a ticket to add that feature. It won’t be trivial, so I’m not sure we’ll get it into the next release. :\

You mean not in the 7.9.4, but in the 7.9.5, or not in the 7.9.x :fearful:

Not in 7.9.4 or 7.9.5, but probably in 7.9.x :smile:

Thanks for the roadmap. Hope .x will not be too high :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@KathyApplebaum, any news about this function for Ignition Edge : pushing alarms and audits data from edge to an Ignition Hub gateway ???

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@KathyApplebaum, @Kevin.Herron, are these features in the next 7.9 release ?

Not yet. Colby is working on them, but they are not simple to add and will take quite a bit of effort on his part.

Thanks for the feedback ! I stay tuned.

I know Ignition 8 (which I’m looking forward to) if the primary focus these days, but I want to keep pinging this topic. This is very much needed to make Edge really useful. Thanks.


Are there news about the possibility to sync the alarm journal from edge to Ignition Hub Gateway.?
The architecture without this feature has some limits.

Hi Kathy! Do we have an update on this yet? I’m hitting the same wall as other users above.

Just going to bump this again…

Has there been any movement on this with Ignition Version 8?

Apologies for the delay here. I’m going to see what I can find out and get back to you.

Any news about this request for Ignition 8?

We’re actively working on this feature - at least for 8.0, possibly for 7.9.


Thank you Paul,

Is there a deadline for the release of this new feature for Ignition 8?


any newz on this topic?

I could really use the Alarms sync feature for a project using multiple Edge installations sending data to a central Ignition gateway. The ignition gateway should in this case visualize and allow analyses on the received alarms.

Thanks :slight_smile:

We’re close to the cutoff for 8.0.4, and I’m not done yet, so there’s about a 50/50 shot that it makes it into 8.0.5 instead - but I’m close to having this done.