Feature idea - Perspective Mobile app helping to create custom project launch icons

Allow Ignition to help create customized IOS/Android shortcuts with custom icons to launch a specific project on a specific gateway. This does not “hide” the fact that Perspective is installed, but presents a “branded” custom icon for customer projects.

This idea came up during an International distributor meeting. If it is important to you, please reply here with justification and upvote the “ideas” link below.

Would this help you with “branding”?

@nathan.boeger, just to clarify, I guess this is to extend the current shortcut iconography to replace the entire shortcut look-and-feel? Rather than the current method of placing an icon on top of the IA stock shortcut:

If so I’m all for it :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing that out - I didn’t realize that was possible. That looks like an Android feature that we inherit based on offering “long press” options to launch projects. Or, more easily, within the Perspective App. Carl mentioned the shortcuts in a post from 2018. Not Ignition specific, Android overlays the original icon. I did this with “Lowe’s” and “Gmail” apps as a test.

It looks like the IOS equivalent would be to add “custom intents” to the IOS Ignition Perspective App, which would allow a user to “Add the shortcut to the Home screen” (or launch the project with Siri).