[FEATURE] Include gateway IP address and/or hostname in gwbk "backupinfo.xml" for information only

It would be incredibly useful to have the IP and/or hostname that a gwbk was taken from recorded in the backupinfo.xml included in the gwbk
edit: as information only.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<timestamp>2023-04-26 09:16:07</timestamp>

This would be useful when you have the same gateway restored in multiple environments, prod, dev, test, etc. so that you know where it actually came from. Most of the time I'll change the system name, but sometimes in dev I'll forget. Then I have gwbks that could be from Prod or from Dev and no way to know if I haven't organised/renamed the files.

Strongly disagree. You should be able to drop your production backup into a dev environment and it work with the dev resources without changes. If your dev environment can't do that, it isn't close enough to production to be a valid development platform, IMNSHO.

If you cannot arrange for your dev environment to mimic the IP addresses, then use predicable hostnames throughout, combined with a DNS system that understands, or just use /etc/hosts files on your gateways.

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I think you misunderstood what I meant. Currently, if you take a backup from two servers running the same ignition gateway project, there's no way to tell from the backup which server you backed them up from. If the ip/host was added into the backup info XML (as information only), then it would be obvious. This would in no way affect the restore procedure, it would merely be there as extra info to know from where you backed it up from

You mean, purely informational? Perhaps.

I've edited the title and OP to make that bit more clear

If you use Kindling it's pretty easy to extract the system name from the IDB:

This sounds reasonable, but what about systems with many IP addresses? The hostname, according to whom?


System name is the ignition gateway name though, right? That's already included in the default gwbk name.
I guess if it has multiple ips, then they should all be listed in there. Hostname according to the gateway's OS itself