[FEATURE] Perspective - Please allow adding tags to UDTs with tag json via Tag Browser again

2276: Add New Tag and Add New Data Type options are not working in UDT definition from Tag Browser
New Tag action will only show allowed Tag Types for the current destination.

Adding tags to a UDT through the Tag Browser is no longer allowed and should be done through the Tag Editor.

This is extremely frustrating, this was one of the greatest things in v8! I could simply create my json (for example table in excel with conversion to json) and then copy right into the UDT in the tag browser.
Now I can’t do this at all. You can’t paste json into a UDT via the tag editor. You can’t paste copied standard tags into the tag editor… I literally have to copy the UDT def’s json and try to merge my new json into it which is an absolute PITA. Not happy! :frowning:

Or, the “easier” option is to copy my json into standard tags, convert the standard tags to a UDT type, copy the tags from the tag editor while creating the UDT type, open the UDT I want to add them to and finally paste them… then delete the standard tags. This doesn’t work with some parameterised property values.
Why was this functionality removed??

Alternatively (or also), please add the ability to paste tag json into the tag editor.

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Actually, I can’t even do that second option for reference tags as I can’t set a parameterised sourceTagPath - it just wipes it :confused: I should have stayed at 8.1.5…