[FEATURE] Perspective PowerChart - Stop information boxes from overlapping

Many (all?) of the features of the PowerChart that show information boxes will overlap each other if they’re close enough. For example multiple x-traces, annotations, etc.

It would be good if these would auto-arrange themselves so that they don’t overlap each other. It would also be good to be able to actually move them around manually as well.
The date in particular is a bit unuseable at the moment if they overlap, as clicking in the different boxes to bring them to the foreground doesn’t work for the dates as they don’t have an opaque/semi-transparent box that they’re sitting in to cover the other dates they’re sitting on top of.

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Literally came across the same issue over the weekend. Very annoying when viewing charts on a mobile :weary:

My other issue was trying to clear X-traces without exposing the options menu. It would be nice to have a shortcut to do this. Another feature request incoming… :laughing:

I ended up clearing all but the last xtrace as it was pretty much unusable. Operators aren’t going to dive into menus to try and find some option they don’t know exists to clear the xtraces. It’s not often they would use multiple at the same time anyways :man_shrugging:

Good idea, I will probably do this for now (it’s only for my Maker stuff so not important). For my use case it would have been nice to remove specific x-traces by clicking on them again. But alas…

The Power Chart is still in it’s infancy and seems to be receiving a bit of love, so hopefully it won’t be too long before some more QoL features are added.

I second those requests. And it would actually be good if you could move the label on the x-trace down to where-ever you want.

Also, the x-trace boxes don’t size with the information displayed in them, so that the text ends up going outside box boundaries.

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