[FEATURE] Please capture Perspective system.tag.write* tag writes from Perspective into Audit Log

Currently, writes to tags via system.tag.write* are not captured in the audit log from Perspective clients. This goes completely against the grain, as Vision does log these. Please add this!

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I found this out the hard way as well and neglected to make a post about it. Definitely should be logged, but it also needs to capture who triggered the tag write. Not sure how that works with the button component or other component scripting.

Yeah… When script functions are called, the gateway knows which session has called it despite the function running on the gateway, so all of the user info is available to log.

It would also appear that the system.util.audit function only supports writing string values into the audit log and doesn’t auto-convert non-strings into strings :frowning: I’ll have to convert myself

We have a ticket for this, I’ll add this thread to bump priority.