[Feature] share or sync UDT data type between 2 realtime tag provider

Some times we don’t want to split an application with multiple realtime tag’s provider (for each site or zone) because we can’t share or sync UDT definition between 2 realtime tag provider.
I would like to be able to have some global UDT definition for mutliple local real time tags provider of one gateway.

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We’ve felt for a while that some sort of data model/type model that could be shared between providers would be useful. This won’t be available for 8.0, but it’s definitely something we’ve been thinking about.

Perhaps following from changes to the project system allowing for project inheritance, maybe something similar with inheritance of tag providers could be a way to pull this off.

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The What’s New page implies that v8.0 will allow inheritance of data types. This post implies that is not the case. Could someone elaborate?


@Walt I would trust the developer who architected the new tag system over some marketing copy :slight_smile: But, in answer to your question - the new project inheritance system does not (yet) have any effect on tags/tag inheritance.

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Hey @Colby.Clegg, @PGriffith – is it possible to publish/synchronize datatypes to tag providers using the EAM?

Also wondering the same thing, if EAM can handle, or if its on the list with any expected release date? Multiple tag providers with the same UDT means either exporting and importing or trying to make the same edit multiple times to keep things in sync