[Feedback] 3rd party modules not working in Beta Version 8

The Web Browser, eWonConnector, PA Office modules all faulted when Bet8 was installed. I don’t think they’re compatible with version 8. How can these be resolved?

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Was the Web Browser module ours, or a 3rd party?

The other modules I am not familiar with, so I am assuming they are built/maintained by a third party. As outlined in the document here , modules will need to be rebuilt to be compatible with Ignition 8.0. Sounds like those modules are not yet updated.

If you’re referring to the Web Browser module by IA, you need to download the updated module from the beta download page. Those other 3rd party modules, like Perry mentioned, will need to be updated by their respective authors to be compatible with 8.0.

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Hope the third party modules will rebuild easily with the Ignition 8 , assuming the older version APIs are not changed? Where can the maven archetypes and example files available which we can use to rebuild our modules on version 8?

Hey Nick will you also do the power scripting module soon?

Rebuilding should be easy, but there have definitely been significant API changes. How much they impact you will depend on the the module. Some modules may be able to recompile without any changes, others might require substantial updates. For most developers who have refrained from using private APIs, the migration path should be pretty straight-forward. We have yet to update SDK documentation but that is planned before release and we’ll try and provide guidance on common pain points when that happens.

The archetypes and examples are all at http://www.github.com/inductiveautomation . The example modules that have been ported to 8.0 are in the examples repo under the 8.0/dev branch: https://github.com/inductiveautomation/ignition-sdk-examples/tree/dev/8.0

The perspective module example will get published to the same repo within the next week.


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I’ve been working through my modules as well. These are updated for the v8 Beta:

Feedback is welcome (-:

{I will edit as more are added.}

@c-w-t A version of the Power Scripting Module that works for Ignition 8 can be found at the website here: http://www.perfectabstractions.com/pa-power-scripting-module.html

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Muchas gracias Nick!

Had some time to update another module: Time Series DB Caches.

And another module, the difficult one: Ethernet/IP Class1 Communications. This one loads and runs and appears to work, but has not yet gone through my normal battery of tests. Its guts were ripped out, scrambled, and sewed back together. /-:

Outside testing would be welcome. (-:

I was going to update our PA Office Document Module to 8, but when I tried your link:

Clicking the " Download PA Office Document Module for Ignition 8" link opened up a web page like this:

Your browser is opening the file instead of downloading it. Try right-clicking on the link and doing a ‘Save link as’. Actual wording may vary depending on the browser. :slight_smile:

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Hello, so I just published a new version of the PA Office Documents module that works with Ignition 8. It can be found on this webpage: http://www.perfectabstractions.com/pa-office-document-module.html

It fixes the problem where POI jars were not found. They are found now.

Thanks to @Kevin.Herron for his help getting it working.


Nick, I’ve downloaded and installed this today, but it’s faulting with 8.0.1. Is there a different version available that I’m not seeing on the website?