[Feedback] NEW Perspective Alarm Status Table

Any update on being able to re-order the columns? The source is mostly diagnostic, and I do not need it before the Name column, though I still want it displayed.

In the Shelved table it would be nice to have the same options to filter on as the Active table - source, display path, provider. I realize I can use prov:xxxx in the filters.shelved.text field for now, but this is incomplete and still leaves the Shelved tab header as showing total shelved on the gateway.

Is it possibly to get Alarm selected from the Alarm status table like vision ?

For sorting, is it possible to change the default order of which columns sort first? I’d like to be able to sort by the “state” column first, followed by the “priority” column. This way I can show all of the active/unacknowledged alarms at the top of the table (regardless of priority), followed by all of the active/acknowledged alarms. Currently, it seems like it will always sort by priority first, followed by state.


This delay before bindings are processed on the alarm status table and the retrieval thereafter is currently the slowest action in our Perspective application.

All tables first display There are no active alarms, and about 3 seconds later it displays the actual alarms (or No results found)

Any way to speed the retrieval of alarms up? It would also be better if the user rather sees Loading… or something to that effect while the retrieval is still in progress.


Did you find a way to sort them?
Thank you.

In 8.0.10 or newer You can specify the default sort order by following these steps:

  1. Find the props.columns.active object.
  2. for every column you want sorted, locate the relevant object and set props.columns.active.<desired_key>.sort to the desired sort order. Also make sure to set any column you don’t want to sort by default to “none”.
  3. Find the props.activeSortOrder array, and add an entry for each column you’d like to have sorted as part of the default appearance. for each entry, supply the desired key just as you identified the column in the previous step.

For my table, I have specified that displayPath should be sorted first, and then priority.


Is sorting on active.source in the 8.0.14 Snapshot currently a known bug?

It seems that when using the source filter it is not aware of the prov: field in the source path when it is not preceded by sys

With the following in my table with no source filter set:

If I apply a filter for *th* then it should return those top 3 active alarms, because it is the first two characters in the provider string, however it only returns the items with *th* in the items where sys is the first field

However if I put *EAM* in the property than it returns the items where prov is not the first field listed?

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We need a way to change the columns header name and the column order.
On the table, the columns props give us these feature.
We would like those feature for perspective alarm status table and alarm journal table


Hi , how can we Add comments when acknowledge or shelving an alarm in perspective active alarm screen

Using strictly the Alarm Status Table, there is no way to add notes when Shelving. To add notes to an Alarm which you plan to shelve, you could probably to use the data of the alarm you plan to shelve to invoke some scripting which adds notes to the alarm in a separate combination of components.

To add a note during acknowledgment of an alarm, you must modify the alarm in question (within the tag) within the Designer. You’re looking for the “Ack Notes Required” setting:
Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 9.04.53AM

Is there any plan to add row select event to this component?
By adding this I can easily detect the user select alarm and add action by it like open related page.

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There is an open feature request (#16033 for reference) to add onRowClick and onRowDoubleClick Events to the Alarm Status Table and the Alarm Journal Table.

Edit: onRowSelect would probably not work very well because it would need to be paired with onRowUnselect to handle the case when multiple rows are selected. the onRowClick (and double click) limit the event to a singular alarm.

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My project hopes to modify the column order, for example, displaypath, label, activetime and priority from left to right. In the client, I can drag and drop to rearrange, but perspective can’t

A lot of us are waiting on this functionality :slight_smile: It’s no available yet

is there a way I can wrap text? like a power table will automatically wrap text if is too long

How would we add new columns to reference associated data?


You would add a vote to the idea on the idea forum :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: at least I think there’s an idea… The status table like the power chart, needs a bit of work. Not nearly as much as the power chaer though

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This feature has been implemented and is going through our review process. We hope to have it in a release very soon.


Awesome! What about rearranging columns?