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I finally was able to drive map icon colors however indirectly more about my problem here

From what I can gather from the Leaflet documentation, there is no facility to change icon colors (too bad, that would have been so easy) except through styles and I’m not sure if that’s directly possible from inside Ignition. What I ended up doing is building another svg library with separate icons for each color. I was then able to drive that through expression binding via a tag. It would be nice to drive the color the way the icon object is implemented though.

Nice little fun fact: The Map only reads the svg library file at load so if updating the actual file be sure to close the view and reopen it. It’ll save a lot of hair pulling.

I’m attaching the icon library file I made as a reference (change the extension to svg if using). I figured out the format by opening material.svg and pasting in the vector information from individual svg files (which apparently can’t be read directly) so it matches the expected format. All in all, once I figured out what was expected it wasn’t too tough.

maki.txt (4.5 KB)



Yes, it’s true. There is no way to change the color of the marker icon which is rendered as an <image/> tag. It was tricky enough getting it to work with our svg library. We had to restructure the whole thing. Glad you found a solution/workaround. That’s what I would have suggested.

Yes, you’ll have to re-request the resources on the page, in this case the svg library.


This seems to have the unfortunate side affect of causing the whole map to ‘flash’ when an icon’s color is tied to some tag, say one that represents a locations status. It’d be nice if there was someway to prevent that.

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Good point. The map component was developed in a flurry prior to ICC. This is the first iteration and more optimizations are planned to prevent redrawing the entire map when props change, or at least the base tile layers. I’ll make a note to visit this again.



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It would be very useful to me too.

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