File upload component issue

I am using a file upload component to upload a images.I have decrease the width of file upload component and provide a icon of camera for user understanding that what file upload component do. Sometimes it is working fine but for sometime it is not and shows '!' sign on file upload component as shown in attached picture. Ignition team
, can you please help me to figure out this problem.

The ! is indicative of a component-level rendering error. Does the component begin like this in the session, or is it after you've uploaded a file? What version are you using? What are the EXACT dimensions of the component, and what are the dimensions of the "camera" icon you're using within (or are you using one from the built-in material library?).

The component behave like this in session only and after uploading the image only. I am using the camera icon from buit-in material library. The ignition version i am using is 8.1.31. As i am using fileupload component inside flex container, so grow:0,shrink:1 & basis:46px. One more thing i would like to provide, once i refresh the browser the sign '!' got disappear and camera icon will be back

Yup. I have replied all

Okay, thanks. I'll try to look at this in the coming days and get back to you.

If possible, can you please try to help me out as soon as possible regard this problem as it is a part of my client project.

This is all volunteer work here, and for many of us, it's a holiday this week. If this is an emergency, you should probably reach out to official support.


Support has holiday hours, too, unless you've paid the premium for TotalCare or PriorityCare.

If you need immediate assistance, you do need to go through Support. The forums are where users provide assistance as available, and should be avoided when an issue is of a time-sensitive nature.

I've been unable to replicate the issue as you've described it. The text from your screenshot leads me to believe this might be a result of the file being uploaded. Does this issue occur every time you upload a file, or is there a specific file you've seen this with? If this happens with every file you upload, you'll need to help me identify what is different between my setup and yours, or you'll need to go through Support. I'm unlikely to be on again until Monday.

Now go back and check how the turkey is doing ...

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let me describe in brief. I have implement a dropdown where i have provide a six image option. First i will select 'image-1' from dropdown and then upload the image using file upload component which will save image in database table. The '!' is not occuring everytime . sometime i am able to upload six images successfully. sometime,in any image option like it can be image-6 or image-2 means randomly in any position, the '!' is occuring. This '!' is not occuring for any specific image file also.
The '!' i am only seeing in the session not in the designer after uploading the images. But when i refresh the browser, '!' got disappear and file upload component again work normally. From your screenshot, i can see that you are trying inside designer. Insider designer , this is not happening. It is happening on browser only. Can you please try it on browser?

Any update?

For things that only happen sometimes, your short discription doesnt provide anything usefull for us on the forum.

contanct support, or upload a demo view with the some files that fail to upload.

Is thier any possibility of flex container causing this issue as i have placed file upload container inside the flex container. Refering this cause because of having similar discussion being here: Error Decoder for React component in perspective? - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

Maybe, if you wish us to test it on our computers,

The Flex container could be an issue, though it is more likely the component is attempting to render some sort of warning or failure state based on the file being uploaded but is unable to render that state due to the dimensions - and is therefore rendering the generic component error state.

If you want more assistance here on the forums, you need to supply us a file which causes the error. Otherwise, you need to go through Support.

I even tested the component in a browser session, with a file large enough to force the "progress" UI to render. Again, I highly suspect this is an issue with the file being uploaded causing some state the component can't successfully render, and it would be very helpful if you could supply a file which causes this issue.
Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 8.06.47 AM

You are stating 'unable to render that state due to dimension'. Dimension specifically means component dimension or else what?

Seemingly, yes, the dimensions of the component. I'd be curious to see if you continue to encounter this if you were to make your component larger. If the issue were to go away completely, then this is an issue with the component. If you continue to encounter the issue at larger sizes, it could be the component still - but it's more likely to be a problem with the files being provided. This is all hypothetical until you can provide a file which causes the issue.

@Pappu_Gupta. Check the logs. It's likely an error is being logged to the browser console. Open up you browser's developer tools and paste the error here. Is the message always "cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'progress')?".

There's a possibility that the issue you're seeing might be fixed in 8.1.35, as part of the fix for this (which should be available in a nightly release soon).