Find and Replace Bug/Not Working

Currently reconfiguring a project's tag structure. This led me to using the find and replace tool, all was fine and dandy until I realized it wasn't finding ANYTHING. I was a little worried so I tried to search for a known tag. To do this I copied the tag path of the know tag, inserted it, and hit find with all of my parameters selected etc.I was then presented with zero results.. can someone please explain if im doing something wrong or if this is a bug? I have attached an image showing everything I have selected Thanks

In large, well-designed projects, most if not all tag references are either indirect or relative, and you will only be able to search for the parts that are constants in such references. Try searching for Furnace_Idle by itself.

Thank you for the quick response! It worked when I searched for the individual tag name, but at the same time i have gotten results on searching full tag paths before within this project. I found a way i can do it by just searching the name, i will just have to sift through the results Thanks again!

Definitely I'd never search for the tagpath with the tag provider included, as projects can set a default tag provider and then reference tagPaths without it

While what @pturmel said is true, as you can see in my screenshot, even for results that are found, I was having an issue with find/replace.