Find/Replace function is not working well after upgrade into 8.1.27

I have encountered a potential bug(my personal doubtful opinion currently...) in the Ignition software after upgrading from Ignition and Designer version 8.1.26 to version 8.1.27 (b2023042509) two days ago.
I wanted to share the details with you and request assistance in resolving the issue.

After upgrading, I modified the Tag Provider structure of one project and attempted to use the Find/Replace(Ctrl + F) function to update the existing Tag Path bound to both the Vision and Perspective projects.
However, I encountered an issue when using the Find/Replace function, and this is ocurring with all projects.

With all options for Windows target, All windows, Selected windows, Opened windows, 'find' is not working well and does not return any results.
However, when using Find/Replace selected Windows function on project browser, the 'find' works as expected.

Here are some screenshots below for more information...
The name of tag TE201AB_StackInTemp have changed to StackInletTemp, and this modification of tag path only existing in two main windows, 'P&ID' and 'PCS Trend'.
I opened those two windows and opened the Find/Replace with ctrl+F.

Nothing has returned with Find/Replace.

Well performed with Find/Replace selected Windows on P&ID window.

I was able to perform the same operation without any issues just before upgrading the software version(both Ignition and Designer), which leads me to believe that this might be a bug introduced in the latest version.
I searched release note of this latest version, it seems that there are some find & replace function on both Vision and Designer.

I kindly request you to look into this matter and provide any guidance on how to address the issue.
And if someone has same or similar issue on Find/Replace function, please share the problem.

Thank you everyone.

This is bug that's already been fixed for release in 8.1.28.

Currently, we rollbacked to previous version 8.1.26, and confirmed that there is no issue.
As you told, will wait to 8.1.28 to be official latest release.

Don't believe it has been fixed in 8.1.28, if anything it has seemingly regressed. No longer possible to find/replace on any closed windows which i'm 85% sure never used to be the case.. Because we very often had to find / replace tag paths that were embedded in component custom properties.

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Didn't know that,,,
I'm still in version 8.1.26, and will be aware about find/replace feature before considering upgrade.

I ran into this as well:

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Yea the whole thing is pretty much screwed. Pretty unhappy with it.

It seems to be broken into two categories from what I've tested:

  1. Anything you want to find / replace in a custom TEMPLATE property, you cannot do unless you have the window actually OPEN so that the components can be serialized.

  2. Anything else like scripts, tag paths in other standard components, doesn't seem to work well with ALL WINDOWS and you're better off selecting a handful from the project browser at a time, or actually opening ones you suspect you need.

Pretty crappy when half the time you don't know what windows NEED to be targeted for the search..

Have you guys checked your console? Clear it first, then use the find replace. See if there are any errors that show. I've seen this numerous times where a Window will have a binding in it that's corrupted and it prevents the search from finding anything (it appears to halt the search entirely). Find the bad window and fix it (usually just open binding and press OK) to fix the find replace tool. I don't know if there's a better way, but I used a process of elimination. Close all opened windows. Select a bunch of windows, right click, find in files, and perform any search. Keep going until you find the single window with the issue