Flashing navigation tabs on alarm

Ignition 7.9.3
I have a two-tier navigation structure. Tier 1 lists the departments, and Tier 2 shows the available workcenters within the selected department.
I want to make the individual tabs flash like an alarm indicator for only the alarms within the department, and specific workcenter.
It seems like I’ll have to script all of this out, but admittedly, scripting is a weak point for me. Has anybody implemented something like this?


we are using an alarm screen on our HMIs. we have a button that flashes when alarms are current and we feed the notifications to the alarm screen through a JSON API. We flash the button according to a client tag that is triggered 0 or 1. so user verifies they saw newest alarm it goes to 0 then when a new alarm appears it is triggered to 1 by the time stamp. Is this kind of what you meant? Are you using PLCs in this system?

Thanks for the response, but I don’t think that’s what I had in mind. There are existing PLCs and HMIs that control the equipment. I thought rather than filtering out the alarm indicator that counts how many alarms there are (4 from this dept, 6 from that dept… 10 total), I’d flash the appropriate tabs based on where any active alarms are:

For example, green means the tab is selected, but if CAST would have an alarm, I’d like to flash that tab while I’m on the LN4 tab.

same concept we don’t flash our alarm button it is just gray if the equipment has no error or the last error has been confirmed, but it flashes if a new error appears prompting them to press the button and go to the alarms screen and see what the error is it would be very easy to do this for multiple tabs especially if you could set a trigger tag from each of the PLCs. I.E. Our Sigma has it’s own current failure tag and our Rubber Grinder also has it’s own and I can show both devices alarms or just one on a screen using these tags as a trigger for my scripts and for my buttons visual behaviors. I’m willing to help you with your code if you like. what you want to do is very doable.

This is the exact post I was about to make.

I am not sure how to do this exactly, I was thinking of using the cell update function and making it write to the UNSELECTED_BACKGROUND_COLOR a red color.
I also thought of creating a manual navigaton window… which I would rather not do, but may have to.

Any luck from anyone else?

I do it but not without problem…
see here : Vision Client slowdown