Font Issue on Desginer 7.9.12

Hi, everybody,
I have a problem on the designer font on 7.9.12 version, here below one screenshot about two different designer opened on my PC:
The left, Gateway1 version 7.9.12, opened with client luncher same version
The right, Gateway2 version 7.9.11, open from the link on the website where is installed the gateway

Compare designer:

Version 7.9.11 designer and runtime:


Runtime version 7.9.12 with font Monospaced

Runtime version 7.9.11 with font Monospaced

The font is different and in 7.9.11 is better then the 7.9.12.

The two runtime have the same font but see them in different mode

Why? How to solve?

There were some changes due to the way Java ( built-in now ) had support for two different fonts- now Google Font because Oracle had previously supplied one requiring a license.
The details of what Carl Gould ( Software Development ) had to say about JVM and fonts are at (colon)
Font chooser unless that has been removed.
I suggested that they write a procedure to make changing fonts easy, yet they may believe that it is not their assigned work.

Selecting the blue text in my last message should link you to ( colon, not emoji )
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Is possible change all the font with some source code for not pass each component?

For that, I would suggest that you contact support ( maybe read their policy first, also ) at
(drop quotes)
Please let us know if they have a more complete answer. Inquiring minds want to know…