Force designer to read from projects on server on command

Hi all,

I have our project files auto committing to a git repo on every save, following Ignition’s git guide. Following their recommendation for dedicated dev & test environments, I am trying to go further and create separate branches for each unique feature that is in development. This way they can be tracked more accurately and also nothing that isn’t ready to publish does not get merged with our production project too soon.

So far this is working great for our team, and we can checkout whichever branch we want to develop on. However, there is a 5 minute lag between when the project scripts on the remote server have been updated, to when the designer accurately represents the change.

Does anyone know how the designer is reading from the projects file to populate itself? And if there’s a way to force it to update as soon as the files on the server change?


We currently don't have any way to "demand poll" for changes (though it is on our 'to do' list).

The best option at present is providing a system property in ignition.conf to increase the scan frequency from the default 5 minutes to something more aggressive. The downside is basically just increased CPU load as we scan more frequently.