Forum Ranking system

I’m considering the following ranking system:

Cadet 0
Cadet 5
Trooper 10
Trooper 15
Trooper 20
Trooper 25
Private 30
Corporal 45
Sergeant 60
Lieutenant 75
Captain 100
Major 150
Colonel 200
General 300

What do you think?

Looks good to me! :laughing:

What does this mean?

The ranking system gives you a title and an icon next to your name based on the number of posts that you’ve contributed. It serves as a quick way to assess the standing of the person who replies to you. Doesn’t mean that much, I will probably give a user who’s posted 25 times more credibility than a user who’s only posted once.

Did you find a good Mod for phpbb2? If so where. I would love to add something like this on my site.

Didn’t need a mod for this one. Simply upload the images to your default images directory (Set in the admin page), and set up “ranks”, also in the admin page. It’s all built in.

I’m seeing some Lieutenants and Captains around here - things are picking up. To all - post more!

We have our first Colonel - congratulations mrtweaver. I’m seeing a number of captain, soon to be majors. Keep the posts coming!

I like the new layout.

I noticed the current ranking system has been tweaked a bit from the first post. Maybe somebody can update the chart?

Cadet 0
Trooper 10
Private 30
Corporal 45
Sergeant 60
Lieutenant 75
Captain 100
Major 150
Colonel 200
General 300

What do you think?[/quote]

Are we going to war with the other SCADA systems? Looks like a good starting point. Based on my experience with other forums, you’ll probably have to adjust or you’ll end up with too many Generals in the ranks. Or just add stars to the generals with doubling the number of posts each time until you reach 5 stars (300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800).

Yeah, especially since right now it looks like the ranks aren’t quite set up correctly. I went to look at how many Generals we currently have (not counting IA people), and found 12… but only 6 have more than 300 posts.

Looks like the ranks are currently at Major-100, Colonel-125, Major-150. So… should we add new, multi-star Major levels, or should I adjust them and demote some people? :laughing:

Oh, and going to war with other SCADA systems? Maybe… but the less exciting explanation is that the guy who came up with it was headed off to the Navy and probably had Ranks on the mind… :slight_smile:

Good thing he didn’t use navy ranks, nobody understands those.

I like the doubling of posts to get another star. Of course that means I’ll have to post a whole bunch of trivial posts just to be the first one to get a second star :smiling_imp:

It seems a bit on the low side to me… Most forums’ top contributers are way up there. Maybe something like:
Cadet 0
Cadet 15
Trooper 30
Trooper 45
Trooper 60
Trooper 75
Private 100
Corporal 200
Sergeant 300
Lieutenant 500
Captain 750
Major 1000
Colonel 1500
General 2000

Ouch. what a demotion :astonished:

Haha I haven’t changed anything yet. I need to add a quick million to my post count first…

You can add stars for generals so it’s more like…

Colonel 750
Brigadier General 1000
Major General 1500
Lieutenant General 2000
General 3000

I’ve always wondered why a ‘Lieutenant’ General out ranks a ‘Major’ General. :scratch:

It used to be “Sergeant Major General” dating way back…

A bit confusing that a Major outranks a Lieutenant, but a Lieutenant General outranks a Major General.

Think of it going in the other direction. The lieutenant is really a second-in command, or one rank below. The Major is two ranks below. So you get something like:

Lt. General
Maj. General

Lt. Colonel