Freeze a column in a table

They can be custimzed with theme.css
And i bet there is a complex list of selectors that could get this to work. but its mostlikely gonna be more complexe than the one i made for datepicker. While my “sticky canvas” solution isnt all that complicated


damn, Java Docs are well documented. But this? how are you even doing it.

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Css magic and inspector :mage:


Thank you very much, Zack. Appreciate the information!

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Can you please elaborate on how it’s possible in Vision?
I’m searching the forum, but couldn’t find anything…

I’m in need to freeze the first 8 rows in a power table…

Sorry, didn’t realize on your question. Rows? well I’m sure it is posible with rows but it should be. Freezing columns is well known in oracle devs, this was my reference How to freeze row and column in JTable — oracle-tech. I remember I did this with the power table and works just fine. Just translate it to Jython and have fun.