Full Featured Easy Chart / User Configuration Saving

Hi, before I do all the work I thought I might ask if anyone would like to share with me a full featured chart page? Looking to enable customization for the user for things like pen style, subplot, tagname, etc. with things like drop down menu’s for those properties. It would be really nice to be able to call the same “Edit Pen” popup that is available in the designer for the user.

I’m also working on building functionality that would save the “Tag Pens” dataset to a table in the database with a custom name and be loaded by the user.

I’m sure these things have been built before so I thought I’d ask. Doesn’t hurt to try right? :wink:

heh looking at the “click to graph” option now. Can I delete my topic?

Please don’t. This is a perfect example of a post that should stay public for others to find in a search.


Indeed, I’ve been here for years and this is the first I’ve heard of click to graph. Here is the info for anyone else who’s only just heard of it https://inductiveautomation.com/resources/How-To/how-install-and-use-click-graph.

Consider using the customization ideas of click-to-graph with the drag-and-drop custom method support in Ignition to get the best of both worlds. Note that click-to-graph was created before the tag historian existed, and therefore is designed to work with DB pens. (Hence the reason the “pens” property is for DB pens, while the historian pens had to use the more explicit “tagPens” property name.)

just fyi you’ll have to manually add a new package in scripts called “app” and a new script called “ctg” and copy and paste the contents of the .py file . then you’ll need to do a replace all on the script for “app.ctg” calls and replace with project.app.ctg

@pturmel yeah I’m going through it now. I think I’m going to use some pieces of this and make something new and publish it on my website :slight_smile:

my idea for saving chart configs is to store the entire tag pens dataset to the database with associated userid and custom name. Then the user can recall the whole chart from a list or make it public with other users if they choose. other feature ideas welcome.

“app” was the legacy scope that “project” has replaced. You can simply place “ctg” in the project scope and replace “app.” with “project.” I would also clean up all the imports (only needed at the top of the script in the modern-style python environment).


Have you looked at the AdHoc Trending addon in Cloud Templates?