Full version gateway backup to edge version gateway


I developed a project on ignition full version trial. I bought an edge version license. Is it possible to make a back up of the full version and restore it in the edge version? I'd like to transfer tags, image and projects. When I try the backup, I don't see any project in the edge gateway.

Thank you

Edge only supports one project, not plural. The only way is to export an individual project from a "full" version to an Edge version.

And you might possibly have to import resources in the Designer, not at the gateway level.

If I export the full version gateway with only the needed project, Could it work?


And my second post is correct.

A project export won't have any gateway tags, and won't have devices. And no security (user sources or IdP). You'll have to handle all that separately.

If your project is inheriting anything from other projects, you will have to consolidate (or do multiple imports into Edge).

If your project uses any queries at all, those parts will have to be redone without database functionality.

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