Gold Certification and Core Certification

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I just finished the core training; however, I am not quite sure about the next steps. I feel like the gold test requires more advanced knowledge which cannot be accomplished by only finishing the online core training, correct?

In addition, do we have to pay for the gold test or the core test? What if we fail the tests? In order to retake them, do we have to pay? What would be the passing grade? 100/100 without any false answer?

What is the difficulty of the gold test and core test? Are they similar to the challenges of the online core training?

This will answer some of your questions.

Core Cert should be able completed after going through the videos.

Gold requires that you understand a bit more how parts work together. If you have a strong scripting/ database background prior to going through the videos you will be ready to take the gold quicker.


Thank you very much for your reply!

Reporting is the most difficult point for me. What is needed for the test is not explained anywhere. Anyway, what is very interesting is what you learn by trying to do the things they tell you. I would like to recommend doing it.

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Thank you very much for the information. I really appreciate it.

You also will want to make sure you have a system you can use for alarm notification. The hardest part for me was actually getting a setup where I could email alarms. Our firewall completely killed that aspect of Ignition. We ended up getting a cloud server.

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That’s a really great point! Thank you!

  1. Yes you need to pay some amount for each certification (core and gold) unless your company is an integrator. It’s free of cost for the members of integrator company.

  2. There are usually 2-3 attempts for both core and gold and you pretty much cover everything within it.

  3. For the gold certification you need perfect knowledge of python, SQL and some sort of CSS, HTML (for perspective module)

  4. Difficult parts of Gold Certification are: Vision: you need good knowledge of SQL here.
    Perspective: you need good understanding of perspective containers, the use of transforms and sql
    Report: this will be difficult if you’ve not worked on this module before. Have a look at SQL nested query part, Report table grouping and parent child part. That’s all you need for the reporting
    Alarm notifications: take good understanding of types of roasters. You need python here.

That’s it. A hint to learn this well is, download IA demo project and play with them. Good luck.

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Thank you very much for the great information! :slight_smile: