Has anyone connected Ignition to a SLC 5/03 using a Digi One SP?

I applied an IP address to the Digi One SP using an ARP table.
I used the Digi One Wizard to configure a RealPort.


I configured the Digi One SP through the web browser.

And finally I configured a connection on the Ignition Gateway…

However, I can’t browse any tags in the SLC 5/03. Does anyone know why I can’t browse tags? I’m assuming I don’t understand serial communication or my connection is wrong or both. Any advice is appreciated.

If this is going to work at all you should be using the SLC Ethernet driver, not the generic TCP driver.

Even though that option says for connecting a SLC 5/05?

Yes. If.

Does the Digi One SP do protocol conversion?

Digging through some real old threads it seems that as long as you’re using a protocol converter and not something that just does pass through ethernet to serial, requiring the driver to use DF1, it should work: OPC-UA issues with SLC

I don’t think the Digi One SP has protocol conversion.