[SOLVED] Has anyone connected Ignition to a SLC 5/03 using a Digi One IAP?

The Digi One SP doesn’t seem to work with Ignition. I couldn’t find any solutions. I bought a Digi One IAP and got it working in about 30 hours. See the solution below.

If this is going to work at all you should be using the SLC Ethernet driver, not the generic TCP driver.

Even though that option says for connecting a SLC 5/05?

Yes. If.

Does the Digi One SP do protocol conversion?

Digging through some real old threads it seems that as long as you’re using a protocol converter and not something that just does pass through ethernet to serial, requiring the driver to use DF1, it should work: OPC-UA issues with SLC

I don’t think the Digi One SP has protocol conversion.

I bit the bullet, so to speak, and bought a Digi One IAP which everyone seems to say does protocol conversion. Hopefully this make my situation easier. I feel like the Digi One SP should work but I don’t know all the settings. I set up the REALPORT software with port 44818 and setup an OPCUA device connection to an Allen-Bradley SLC but the status never gets to connected.


I dont think realport will work. You need to make Ignition think the 5/03 is a 5/05

see this

you will want to setup the iap to use allen bradley ethernet which I think is what the 5/05 uses using tcp port 2222

I definitely dont think the digi one sp will work, it only does ethernet encapsulation. you need to convert serial df1 to allen bradley ethernet.

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I saw that guide in my never ending google search. The IAP arrives tomorrow so hopefully it is a straight forward process.

If you cant get the digi one iap working ill trade you for a net-eni.

So I managed to get online with the SLC 5/03 through the Digi One IAP and can view data in RSLinx… now if I can only figure out the Ignition end of things I’ll post the full guide in this thread.

So here is the million dollar solution.

Use a reverse arp command to to give the Digi One IAP an IP address. Use the Digi Device Discovery tool to get to the Digi One IAP web interface. Reset the entire Digi One IAP to the default settings except for the IP address.

arp -s 00-03-9d-00-05-9d

Using the Industrial Automation Wizard on the Digi One IAP web interface create the following message sources and destinations. Notice the IP address.


In Ignition create an OPC UA device connection to a SLC 5/05. Use the IP address of the Digi One IAP.

You will now be able to read/write to tags using Ignition.

I haven’t done extensive testing or anything. I was able to read/write to an N7 integer. It took 30 hours of head bashing to get this far so forgive me if my brain is fried.

Tested reading/writing to N7 integer in versions 7.9.10 and 8.1.10 with same Ignition OPC UA settings.


One quibble: it is a device, not a data source in Ignition. The latter form suggest an OPC client connection to the Digi, which you aren’t doing.

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Good catch; updated my post.