Hi DPI monitor scale in desinger

in 4k monitor the designer shows really tiny and couldn’t see the icon. What is the solution to force designer use windows scale setting?

You can find some workarounds searching the forums: Scaling Ignition's designer

Or you can just use Java 9, which has support for high DPI screens. You’ll need to be on a very recent version of Ignition for this to be an option.

I’m on Java 10 and Ignition 7.9.9 and I don’t see any difference…:thinking:
Is there something to be set for this to work?

What OS are you using?

Win7 and Win10 (Virtual).

Should “just work”, at least on Win10. I don’t know if being virtualized means the DPI/resolution is different/wrong.

Might also require launching via the Native Launcher instead of JNLPs.

I changed the DPI scaling in Windows 7 to 125%. Then I launched the designer with Native Launcher. It seems bigger (the icon and some texts) but it’s also very blurry, it’s almost unusable…:slight_smile:
The same with Win10.
So this work only if you have DPI in Windows set to higher than 100%…?

Java 10 is also not supported in 7.9 - try with Java 9 (I think some of the reason we don’t support 10 is visual problems).

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Where can I download Java 9?

Yes… if you ask for 100% DPI on a high res/DPI screen you get something small to very small (depending on the screen size). This is how scaling works in all apps/toolkits.

I found Java JRE 9.0.4 download. But it’s no different than Java 10.
Can we expect that this will work as it should in Ignition 8?

It’s currently working as it should. If you don’t change your DPI to something above 100% you shouldn’t expect anything but a small UI (on a high DPI screen).

I’m not sure why you’re experiencing blurry UI above 100% - probably something to do with being in a VM. You might need to configure VMWare or whatever you’re using to give the OS running in the VM the full resolution of your monitor before changing your DPI.