Hot to view if someone made changes to cetain projects

Hello guys,

Can you tell me how I can view if someone did some modifications to a project?

I tried to look in the gateway page, sections “logs” but didn’t find nothing relevant there.

Thank you!!

You can view the most recent changes to a project from the gateway under:
Config → Projects, select More on your project and go to Details.

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Thank you very much.

This helped me a lot.

Have a nice day!!

Is this function still available?, I can’t find it using the description above. I had read in here that it was temporarily removed in 8.0. Is it back? If so where is it?

I don’t get that information in version 8.0. What should I do in 8.0?

What minor version of 8.0?

It looks like you have to use the audit log (configure yourself), to see designer changes etc. I’m on 8.1.19 and the screenshot above, from 7.9 systems, is not there.