How to add fonts in ignition

Hello Experts,

I am using ignition 7.9 trials version till the FAT of machine. The license version is available at end client. Its end customer requirement to use " Open Sans" & " Fira Mono" fonts for developments of screens.

I want to add " Open Sans" & " Fira Mono" fonts in ignition.

So is it possible to add fonts in trials version?
How to add fonts?


You don’t add fonts to Ignition. You add fonts to operating system.
When designer (or client) starts, it’ll read fonts and they will be available.
But (at least on Windows) you must install fonts for all users (right click on the font file and choose ‘Install for all users’)… and the fonts must be installed on all PCs, where clients or designers will be running.


Thanks… :grinning: