How to configure perspective module to be able to access from the mobile

Hello everyone, I am new used ignition
I have a problem when I want to visualize from my mobile the perspective design of a system.
I know that my laptop and mobile must be connected in the same network and in the link that I generate to see the scada remove the part that says localhost and put the ip of my laptop and when I put the link in my mobile it does not load for the visualization

Have you configured your laptop's firewall to allow remote connections to come through?

I have configured the firewall by port and it doesn't work either

Have you tried downloading the Perspective app from the app store and doing a gateway scan?

Can you access the ignition gateway by ip address from your laptop?

Is your phone and laptop within the same subnet? Or does your router route the traffic between the different subnets?

I think his laptop is the gateway...

On your laptop? What about the router that is broadcasting the WiFi?

I know, but just wanting to check the ip address is correct really

Yes, I did it too and it didn't work, but I downloaded it on the play store, I don't know if I have to give permissions on the localhost

yesterday I found that you don't have to download it from the play store but from the play store
I don't know if that was the error for which the perspective application did not work for me

If I have my laptop in the same network as the mobile and when I go to the link of my design I put the ip address of my laptop and in the browser of my laptop it works but not in the mobile

You're sure you setup the firewall properly?

Also, is the gateway on a VM?

Yes, I have already configured it as you indicate, the only thing different is that I am not using a virtual machine, Is there another way?

I wasn't saying that you should be using a VM. I just wanted to clarify if you were

Forget the mobile for a while. Try to connect using another laptop.

  • ping the gateway and check that works first.
  • If that doesn't work then ping the router's WAN address and check that you can get that far. If not then you need to fix that.
  • Browse to the gateway https://<ip-address>:8088. You should get the gateway home page.
  • If that works try to launch the Perspective using the known URL or find it in the Home | View Projects page.

If that all works then repeat on the mobile. You may need to download a ping app.

That has its own problems if the firewall is blocking it though which it does by default.

How about, disable the firewall altogether for now and then test.

You still haven't confirmed if your ip addresses of laptop and phone are in the same subnet. Can you post what these are for both devices? Ip address and subnet mask

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Has this issue been resolved?
I'm having similar problem. The gateway is on a VM and I can access it through my laptop (firewall set up to allow connection on port 8088 on the VM) but I can't access it through my mobile device's web browser or the perspective app; I'm also connected to VPN.
Any thoughts?

This is a networking problem, not an Ignition problem.