How to customize a table in ignition perspective

Hi I want create table in ignition perspective which is as shown below in screenshot is it possible?

Can anyone please reply my question

It's been thirty-six minutes!!

It is unreasonable to expect answers to difficult questions in less than several hours, or even a couple business days. Pinging an unanswered topic, once, after a couple days, is reasonable.

As to your question, likely close, but certainly not pixel-exact.

It would be a non-simple effort, so this forum is unlikely to do it for you.

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Sir i am unable to create a table which is as shown in above screenshot so that is why i am asking you sir can you please help me for this

What have you tried in the intervening time when you asked this question 24 days ago? Pick up on your old thread. Don't make a new one to ask the exact same thing.

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