How to Deploy Vision Client Launcher

How are people deploying the Vision Client Launcher in a windows domain?

To tell user to go to the gateway and download the installer. Then also having to tell them to add the gateway and type in the address is not feasible.

We tried setting up a network share install and point people to that, but we get an error that it cannot download launchclient.jar for everyone after the first person launches. Is anyone pushing it out via group policy? If so how since it does with an msi installer? Are people building their own msi?

This is what I do. I do wish that some of this was baked in rather than being on your own to set this up, but it works pretty well.

Doesn’t that slow down user logins? Having to copy over the files on every login.

For us it’s just a link which automatically installs a configured client launcher and puts relevant project shortcuts in a folder on the desktop. We’re not sharing PCs so installing for all users is not an issue, but I believe some progress has been made around that recently. Maybe take a look at this post.

You really don’t have to copy it every login. I made mine as an installer so that people who needed it had access to the installer.

The login script should determine if files need to be copied or not.

Ditto, best way to go. I make an installer with InnoScript then have the IT group do the deployment silently to all the PCs that need it.

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Thanks for all the replies. This is what I have come up with so far that seems to work for our needs. Once the feature request for checking installed version of the Vision Client Launcher I can add a branch to install a newer version of the Vision Client Launcher.

We have group policy setup to push out a shortcut to everyone desktop that point to this batch file below. When they run the batch file it will check to see if a current user install of the Vision Client Launcher exists and if not it will install it silently then launches given shared version of the json config. If the launcher is already installed it launches with the shared json config file.

Lastly, it seemed confusing to have another shortcut on the desktop that launches a plain version of the launcher with no configuration. So I have code to look if there is a desktop shortcut and deletes it. If my other post about suppressing the shortcut during silent install goes anywhere I can change this piece.



set jsonConfig="\\NetworkShareToJsonConfig\vision-client-launcher.json"
set singleUserExe="%appdata%\Inductive Automation\Vision Client Launcher\visionclientlauncher.exe"
set visionClientLink="Vision Client Launcher.lnk"

if exist %singleUserExe% (
	%singleUserExe% config.json=%jsonConfig%
) else (
	ECHO Installing Vision Client Launcher...
	"\\NetworkPathToInstaller\VisionClientLauncherSetup.exe" /CURRENTUSER /VERYSILENT
	%singleUserExe% config.json=%jsonConfig%

FOR /F "usebackq" %%f IN (`PowerShell -NoProfile -Command "Write-Host([Environment]::GetFolderPath('Desktop'))"`) DO (
if exist %DESKTOP_FOLDER%\%visionClientLink% (
	DEL %DESKTOP_FOLDER%\%visionClientLink%
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