Setting for all users perspective application in windows(just once)

is possible set settings(add applications->gateway URL, projects) for aplication Perspective Windows once for all users?
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Hi Tadeja,

Please correct me if I am misunderstanding your question.

Are you asking if it is possible to avoid the Designer Launcher process of adding applications to a client machine for your users?

If so, then no that will not be possible. You are required to run the launcher per client machine in order to retrieve and work on projects.

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These threads are about the Vision Client Launcher, but the Workstation launcher (assuming that’s what you mean) should be pretty similar:

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I have two computers and many users. I would like have one installation on computer of perspective workstation on windows and just once type gateway URL and just once add application for all users on computer.

I would like have SSO for perspective Workstation. Users are joined in domain in computers.