How to display values above columns in XY Chart?

Can I display values above the column bars in an XY chart? Specifically, I’m showing daily water usage and I want to have the cost of the water per day on top of each of the daily bars:

Doesn’t seem possible in 8.1.1-STABLE although it’s definitely possible in amcharts.
Maybe we can get AmGraph() method exposed? Specifically, .labelText and .labelPosition

This link is a user asking for values inside the bars because it’s currently at the top.


It’d be super nice if we could code this stuff ourselves like you could in Vision by drilling down to the base components… Instead of requiring IA to expose every single method/property for us to be able to make use of it :thinking:

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This is a fundamental requirement of a front-end/back-end architecture that is trying to keep the front-end secure. And uses different languages on the two ends. You are tilting at a windmill, here.

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I know you want what you want, but how about simply adding a second Y axis of cost in dollars and drawing a line graph of the cost data across it?

That was my fallback plan :slight_smile:

Sometimes it just makes sense to go with the flow and avoid the headaches by taking the path of least resistance :grin:

Any update for this. Adding another y axis is costly for memory and loading specially for large dataset