How to dynamically enable the "Alarm Eval enabled" using parameter binding

I have been trying to bind the Alarm Eval enabled of an UDT to a memory tag.
So that I can enable the alarm evaluation from an 'Alarm Notification Manager' view created.
But directly binding to the tag is not possible.
Can anyone suggest the script to dynamically bind it.

As shown in the image above, Parameter binding is only allowed, how can we change the value of the parameter with a script. Any other methods to dynamically control the alarm evaluation of a tag instead of configuring each alarm evaluation of a tag is much appreciated.

Hi Bharat,

To change the value of a parameter within a script, you can write to it using system.tag.writeBlocking(). Here is our manual page on that function: system.tag.writeBlocking - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation