How to get cross reference of UDT type?

I want to find uses of UDT in the tag provider i.e. how many instances are used for particular UDT, is there any method to find cross reference of UDT type?

You can use the Tag Report Tool to find all the instances of a specific UDT Type which you can find in the top right of the tab browser.


Under 'Types' select UDT Instance and under 'Ancestor' choose which UDT Type you want to search for.


Well I've not found Tag Report Tool but found something which worked for me.

Only thing is that in this case I had to look for each tag instance Data Type, so bit time consuming.
I think it may be because I'm using 8.1.3 which is bit older.
Anyways thanks for your help :pray:

Yes, the Tag Report Tool was introduced in 8.1.19.

The Tag Report Tool is only available on Ignition version 8.1.19 and newer.

In addition to the Tag Report tool, which will get you this information, as of 8.1.23 we introduced the UDT Hierarchy Tool as well which sounds like it would provide you a more detailed version of what you are looking for.


It sounds like you're in an older version, and in that case you should just be able to use the find replace tool to search for your UDT definition path in tags. Just make sure to remove the prefix [tagprovider]_types_/ if you copy the tag path from the tag browser