How to identify source of Browser-origin property change event

TL;DR: How can I identify what is causing a property change event with an origin of Browser, with the goal of preventing that event from happening? Is there a logger or some other method that can be used to track all Browser events being received by a view?

I'm working on a Perspective project in 8.1.25. One of our screens uses the Dashboard component to allow the user to create and store a list of widgets; every widget is initialized as a view called WidgetContainer, and parameters are passed into this view to customize the widget. These are the parameters of WidgetContainer:

When a widget is first created, or when the user selects an existing widget to edit it, 'configuring' is set to true. The property change script on 'configuring' generates a new unique widgetId if this widget does not already have one.


So far, so good, but I noticed that about 1 out of every 10 widgets seems to not get an ID. I started logging the property change events on widgetId, and found that these random widgets would get their ID set by the script on 'configuring', then receive a browser event that set the ID back to an empty string. I've temporarily resorted to just setting the value of widgetId back to previousValue.value if the origin is 'Browser', but I'm trying to identify what inconsistent thing is occurring that causes this event. What is the best approach to get more information about the source of a Browser-origin property change event?

i ve had some run in with problems like this with bidirectional params that also have a script

you should change this to only be an input param

Hi Victor, thanks for the response - after changing 'configuring' to an input param, and also reorganizing some things so that 'widgetId' is no longer being set from a change script in one of its sibling view params, I'm no longer seeing the browser-origin change event occur!

I'm still curious if there's any way to log/track the source of these browser events to help with troubleshooting in the future, but I definitely appreciate the help on this issue.

Following up on this, I'm seeing a similar issue where input parameters are being reset to their original values by property change events with an origin of 'Project'. To my understanding of Project-origin events from this page these events occur when the property's value is changed in the designer; however, these events are being received even when I have the designer closed. Similar to my original question, is there any way to log additional information about Project-origin events to figure out what exactly is causing them?

the initial value also come through as an origin project i think for things like popups and stuff.

no idea, i dont so, i looked a lot at it back when i got this too. but i dont know all the internal stuff

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