How to reset Gateway looking for History tables?

Server: MSSQL
Logins: dual - one for users, one for tag history

I am trying to get Tag History working and got it but the default schema was dbo. Well, I want it to use another schema.
So, I posted some questions here:

After creating the second login/user for the DB, set the default schema to test, and set it as the owner and member of db_ddladmin as well. That didn't seem to work. Ignition kept looking for the dbo schema even though it was not accessible to that particular login.

So, I deleted the history tables, and tried again. And Ignition is still looking for those tables (Invalid object name 'sqlt_data_1_2024_07') and that schema. How do I reset the project or Gateway and allow it to use the other user with test schema? I do not see anything in the Gateway Config that allows for something like that.


It would be an extra connection property specific to the JDBC driver you are using. Since it is MS SQL, some one else will have to chime in. Or perhaps you can figure it out from Microsoft's documentation.