How to transfer data from perspective dashboard to widgets

Hi all, kind of stuck with this.
I'm looking for a way to use data from my main view and then make it available for the widget in the dashboard. But my widgets (4) doesn't update when data is changed in the dashboard view(1) .
Since the setup is to be used by many users, it's automatically loads the setup of the users whom have logged in
I have enclosed my setup, any thoughts ?

I'm having a hard time making sense of your screenshot, because you have numbers unassociated with anything you're posting. You're also asking about a Dashboard with Widgets, but you don't show us any screenshots of the configuration used for the Dashboard.

It looks like you're passing the params down to the View (View) correctly, but you need to pass those params as part of the defined widget in the Dashboard. Until you can show us what that looks like I won't be able to help any further.

Screenshot 2023-01-22 at 6.20.06 PM

Sure Thing.
(1), Params in the widget, with a Binding to the Property I would like to transfer

(2) Nut sure if relevant but no data transferred to the input params

Where are you not seeing the values being used? In a Session, or in the Designer? Are you specifically concerned about the CPL1_Alarm_Pie View in the Designer? If you're encountering the values not being used in a Session, could you explain how the View uses the values?

Let me try to go another way around this.
My goal is to use the values entered in the main view which hold the dashboard and use them in whatever widget added to the dashboard. That could be the pie chart or the alarm journal. (Which by the way does not work very well, you will have to resize the widget before the journal table shows the data correctly, but I will post that later)

Okay, I think I might see what's happening here, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

It appears that you are configuring an availableWidget such that its param values are based off of some value supplied by the Session. It seems like you are also expecting to update the param values after the Widget has been added to the Dashboard because of the binding you've placed.

Binding the param values of the availableWidgets will add the Widget to the Dashboard with the values supplied by their bindings (I have verified this behavior is working as intended myself with some basic resources). The bindings applied in availableWidgets do NOT carry over to the placed Widget; they are used for the sole purpose of supplying the original values for the Widget as it is added. If you review your screenshots, you'll notice that widgets[0].viewParams does not contain any of the bindings you set up within availableWidgets (and this might have been your concern to start with). This is intended behavior, otherwise every added widget instance would receive the same parameters and bindings; it is a far better behavior across the breadth of user experiences to allow for users to write to these params as needed after creation than to force configured bindings in the availableWidgets listings onto every instance of that Widget within the Dashboard and in so doing prevent users from effectively writing to those values.

If your goal is indeed to have the param values update during the course of your session, the "best" option is to keep the configured params and bindings, but to update them with a Message Handler, triggered by a change script on whatever components drive the values.

In summary...

I've verified bindings configured in availableWidgets are used when placing a Widget and then never again. This is intended behavior. If you want to update a Widget AFTER having added it to the Dashboard, then you must use a mechanism other than bindings.

I was not able to replicate this, though I'm sure it's entirely possible depending on the parent container of the Table and the positional properties you've configured. Could you provide some insight into how that View is configured so that I might better replicate it?

See the video in Journal File not shown properly after reload And thank you very much for your answer