How to use local camera in ignition perspective

I have the camera exe in my local folder that I want to use in perspective.
system.util does not support in perspective for calling the camera exe.
please guide me which is suitable for accessing camera from perspective.

Thank you

Not possible. That would be a huge browser security hole. Some camera support via Perspective Workstation is likely in the future, but do not expect it to work via an arbitrary executable.

If you need to execute arbitrary local code in your application, use Vision, not Perspective.

With the fileupload component you can upload photos directly from the camera though

Also browsers can have access to the camera, the user always has to allow it though. Similar as with location.

Concur, but none will run an external camera.exe. And Ignition doesn’t yet support any video access.

ah yea, the browser cant access just acces a random app on the device.

But you could register it as an uri. (like mailto:)
(an example for fileexplorer WebDev to open File Explorer - #5 by victordcq )

But yeah not the greatest practice.

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Can’t workstation bridge this gap?

Not yet. Feature forecasting at this point is all speculation.

Duh, I completely overlooked your post from above, sorry need more coffee I guess.