How would I implement a loading icon for a bar chart running a sql statement

I understand that there is a loadingproperties for the easy chart which is great but I would like to know if there is one for the different graphs. I am using a bar graph to visually depict the number of alarms per day from the previous month and it take a while to load the data. I would like an indicator to let the user know that the data is being loaded.

This may help you out:

I’ve seen this done by our developer -

  1. Use a ‘Progress Bar’ available from the Display components

  2. Set the ‘Indeterminate’ Behaviour property attribute of the progress bar to TRUE

  3. Set the ‘Visible’ property attribute as a property binding to the ‘Properties Loading’ Property of the chart that contains the data

The bar will appear and scroll side to side until the data is loaded and then disappear.

We do this to show data loading from an sql query if the query is slow to update on the screen, the user knows something is in progress

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You could also try this template. Essentially, load any animated gif into the Image Manager, and set the imagePath property to match. Boom, animated gifs.

Animated Gif_2017-09-05_2317.proj (5.9 KB)

doesn’t allow me to drop onto the designer "Unknown file type cannot import " Would it have to do with the version of ignition I am running 7.9.3

Thanks for the step by step but not all charts have that loading property you speak of, for example the one I am currently using the bar chart does not as well as a few others.

This is a module that is loaded into the gateway.

Could you not just create a power table and create the same data that’s in your bar chart, then just point your bar chart’s DATA attribute to the Power Table’s Data Dataset?

Drive the Progress bar on the Properties loading attribute of the table and make the table invisible.

When the Power Table is loaded, the chart must be too?

Not the cleanest way, but a work around…